Hi! I’m Sapna, I live in Mumbai, India. 

I guess what started me from writing this blog was seeing 911 everywhere, ( seems it’s called synchronicity ) I was like OMG there is some misfortune just waiting to happen to me, I turned to my best advisor Mr. Google and what he told me was not bad…..let go of your past and pursue your passion, your guardian angel will see you through, so here I am encouraged by the unseen forces to follow my heart and write about what I love most…travelling.  I have been travelling every opportunity I get from last 15 years, have been to 35 countries and hope to experience as many as possible before I hang up my boots. Every part of my travel I love, from packing  bags to the airport sights and smells, even what people hate most airline food.( sounds crazy ? )  Over here I must confess that may be because I try to travel only club class. Hope my page inspires all those who do reach here to go out and see the places they have heard about, cause it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times ( Asian proverb )

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Land of high passes This title is so apt as it has Khardung La pass at 17,582 feet, Chang La pass at 17,586 feet and Kela pass which is yet to open for general public at 18,600 feet. These are some of the highest motorable roads in the world. While driving through Ladakh what comesContinue reading “Ladakh”


Abode of clouds An Instagram post drew me to this virgin state in India, the video was of a waterfall, pristine and alluring. For a travel addict it’s never known what triggers the need to just pack bags and go. It’s Covid times and everything was so uncertain, never the less I started my researchContinue reading “Meghalaya”


Once you travel to Croatia it will be with you always …the sun drenched towns the cobbled pathways, friendly trusting people. I though I was flirting with it, but I fell in love, now the memories keep calling out, once more it whispers. This country in Europe has so much going for it. One ofContinue reading “Croatia”